Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nevada Legislators Head to Arizona for Marijuana Trip

According to the Las Vegas Sun, members of the Nevada State Legislature are heading to Arizona for a tour of that state's medical marijuana dispensaries.  The full article is available here. The trip comes at a time when the Nevada Legislature is considering options for allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada. According to the article, five Nevada Senators and one Assemblymen will head to Phoenix to tour a medical marijuana dispensary and a grow house which were set up under Arizona's new rules. Under Arizona's rules marijuana may be distributed to patients from nonprofit dispensaries. Under the Arizona law marijuana may not be cultivated by any patients authorized to do so who live within 25 miles of a state certified dispensary. 

Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom (D), a Las Vegas attorney, organized the fact finding mission. Senator Segerblom hopes to close the contradiction in Nevada Law which provides for a constitutional right to use marijuana for medical purposes, but prohibits patients from purchasing marijuana. Most people agree that this contradiction in laws is patently absurd and needs to be resolved. Other legislators who will be in attendance include Mark Hutchinson (R-Las Vegas), Scott Hammond (R-Las Vegas), David Parks (D-Las Vegas), Ruben Kihuen (D-Las Vegas) and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas). 

Senator Hutchinson, a conservative Republican and highly regarded Las Vegas attorney, was quoted as saying "I will definitely support a procedure for safely, securely and legally dispensing medical marijuana because the constitution requires us to do it". At present, Senator Segerblom has a bill pending in the house judiciary committee which would allow for marijuana dispensaries in Nevada. The bill is widely expected to pass the committee and end up before the senate for a possible vote. 

Under current Nevada law individuals with debilitating medical conditions may qualify for a medical marijuana registry card. Individuals interested in qualifying for a medical marijuana may visit providers such as the Health and Wellness Center to see if their conditions qualify. 

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Nevada Medical Marijuana Laws

The attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc. defend Nevada residents and companies who are facing charges, or need legal advice relating to medical marijuana. In order to assist our potential clients we have provided the following list of frequently asked questions and a summary of Nevada’s medical marijuana laws.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Nevada?

The answer depends which government you are dealing with. Without getting too deep into a history lesson, our republic is made up of 50 state governments and the Federal Government of the United States of America through the concept of “Federalism”. Historically most governmental power was vested in the states, but in the latter part of the 19th century our nation saw an unprecedented shift in power to the Federal Government. With regard to medical marijuana, is important to understand that the Federal Government of the United States prohibits marijuana possession, transportation, cultivation or use for any purpose. Thus, in the eyes of the Federal Government, marijuana is always illegal. However, many state governments have changed their laws to allow for the use of marijuana for medical purposes.  On November 7, 2000, sixty five percent of voters in Nevada chose to amend the State Constitution to allow for the use of marijuana for medical purposes making Nevada one of the few states that has enshrined a right to use marijuana for medical purposes in its Constitution. Article IV Section 38 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada states: 
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Accused Shooter Fights Extradition to Las Vegas

According to NBC news, Ammar Harris, accused of being the shooter in the recent Las Vegas strip rolling gun battle, is fighting his extradition to Las Vegas. Attorneys for Harris appeared in court today in Los Angeles, California requesting that Mr. Harris' identity in the shooting be proven before he is required to appear in court in Las Vegas, Nevada. The California Court set a hearing for March 14.

Ammar Harris is accused of shooting at Kenny Cherry Jr. causing Kenny's car to crash into a taxi. The taxi instantly caught fire and the two individuals inside were killed. The shooting allegedly occurred shortly after Kenny Cherry Jr. and Ammar Harris got into an argument at Aria  on the Las Vegas strip. Ammar Harris will face criminal charges in Las Vegas, however, first he is fighting his extradition here.

Gun charges can result in serious criminal penalties. The attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc are ready to defend Nevadans facing criminal charges in either state or federal court. We serve clients from all socioeconomic levels of our community and we will fight the charges with everything in our power to make sure your rights are protected.  Our rates are reasonable and we are willing to negotiate  payment plans if necessary on a case by case basis.  Unlike some law firms, Connor & Connor Pllc is able to accept payment by credit or debit card.  All funds will be placed in our client trust account until earned by the attorney working the case.  If you are facing criminal charges, contact one of the attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc as soon as possible for a consultation.  You may contact the firm at, (702) 750-9139 or visit You may also visit the firm's page on Facebook at!/ConnorConnorPllc.