Monday, March 4, 2013

Accused Shooter Fights Extradition to Las Vegas

According to NBC news, Ammar Harris, accused of being the shooter in the recent Las Vegas strip rolling gun battle, is fighting his extradition to Las Vegas. Attorneys for Harris appeared in court today in Los Angeles, California requesting that Mr. Harris' identity in the shooting be proven before he is required to appear in court in Las Vegas, Nevada. The California Court set a hearing for March 14.

Ammar Harris is accused of shooting at Kenny Cherry Jr. causing Kenny's car to crash into a taxi. The taxi instantly caught fire and the two individuals inside were killed. The shooting allegedly occurred shortly after Kenny Cherry Jr. and Ammar Harris got into an argument at Aria  on the Las Vegas strip. Ammar Harris will face criminal charges in Las Vegas, however, first he is fighting his extradition here.

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