Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Major Changes Possible for Nevada Medical Marijuana Law

There is currently a bill pending in the Nevada State Legislature that would make big changes to the state's medical marijuana laws. Nevada voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to allow for the medicinal use of marijuana in November, 2000. Unfortunately, since that time patients approved for use of marijuana have been stuck in legal limbo with no real legal means with which to acquire their medicine. 

The present state of Medical Marijuana Law in Nevada:

At present medical marijuana laws in Nevada could most politely be described as "ambiguous". At worst the present state of the law could be described as a contradictory mess and a complete failure on the part of our elective representatives to follow the will of the citizenry. Either way, the state's medical marijuana laws are in desperate need for major revision. 

Perhaps the biggest ambiguity in Nevada's medical marijuana law is that patients who suffer from certain chronic and debilitating conditions are allowed to  possess, cultivate and use limited amounts of marijuana. Specifically, patients may possess up to one once of usable marijuana plus three mature plants and four immature plants. Unfortunately, it is illegal to purchase the seeds needed to grow the marijuana plants. It is also illegal to buy, sell, import or distribute marijuana (or its seeds). Clearly, this presents a problem as patients are literally left with no way to legally acquire medicine they are legally allowed to have.

To learn about the proposed changes to the medical marijuana laws, click here. 

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  1. This is a MOTION FOR DISMISSAL in the NJ court system BROUGHT TO YOU BY NJWEEDMAN. I think it can be rewritten for any state. It uses U.S Pat # 6630507. I know little of the law however; I would add UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    In The Matter Of
    Docket No. 86-22
    FRANCIS L. YOUNG, Administrative Law Judge
    DATED: SEPTEMBER 6, 1988
    At one point, 14 people were getting government pot…
    Now it is a numbers game we need to get this in as many courts as possible and keep appealing; sooner or later it will land in the lap of someone that will see it for what it is. When that happens, we win.
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