Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Squeezing Your Buttocks = Probable Cause?

Recently a New Mexico man filed a lawsuit against a local law enforcement agency for being forced to endure:

1. an abdominals-ray
2. an anal exam performed by doctors using their fingers
3. a second anal exam performed by doctors using their fingers
4. three separate enemas
5. the man was forced to defecate so his stool could be searched multiple times
6. another x-ray was performed
7. then the man was forced to undergo a colonoscopy

The reason this man was forced to undergo such invasive procedures is that officers claim that after he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, the man "appeared to be clenching his buttocks." The law enforcement officers believed that was probable cause to search his buttocks and they obtain a search warrant from a local judge.

Does clenching one's buttocks give the police probable cause to perform multiple anal searches? What is probable cause? When do police need probable cause to search a person or someone's property?

To learn more about probable cause and to watch a video regarding this particular case, click here.

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  1. I don't think they should have probable cause here, though they have a right to be suspicious of anyone clutching their buttocks when they were stopped at a traffic stop.