Thursday, September 27, 2012

Multiple marijuana growing operations busted by Las Vegas law enforcement.

As was recently reported by Action 13 News, a local man was arrested on suspicion of cultivating marijuana (the full article is available here,   According to the article, Las Vegas SWAT officers executed a search warrant on a home located near the 800 block of East Vegas Valley Drive.  Law enforcement allegedly recovered more than 200 marijuana plants which they claim have a value of over $700,000.00.   The man who was taken into custody was allegedly arrested in another marijuana growing operation last year near Pahrump, Nevada.  

Additionally, on September 13, 2012, another marijuana growing operation was busted by law enforcement on public lands near Mt. Charleston, which lies just outside of Las Vegas (the full article is available here,  Marijuana is commonly grown on public lands in concealed farms.  According to law enforcement,  during the year of 2012 alone, over sixty million dollars worth of marijuana was seized growing on Nevada's public lands (  According to the article a tip lead law enforcement to the grow operation and no arrests have been made.  

While the Constitution of the State of Nevada guarantees residents the right to use marijuana for medical reasons while under a doctor's supervision, the federal government still treats nearly all forms of marijuana cultivation and possession as crimes.   Additionally, unlike the neighboring state of California, Nevada residents with a valid marijuana prescription do not have the ability to visit dispensaries to acquire their marijuana.  Consequently, Nevada residents with a valid marijuana prescription are essentially left with no means to acquire their marijuana and are forced to seek illegal means of production or purchase.   

Nevada state and federal law prohibits the recreational use and possession of marijuana.  Convictions for marijuana offenses can range from relatively minor to extremely harsh.  Convictions for cultivation or distribution of marijuana can result in years behind bars.  Even relatively minor convictions can have serious consequences beyond the criminal penalties such as an inability to acquire student loans or seek gainful employment.

Nevada residents who have been charged with violations of state or federal drug laws need the advice of a competent attorney.  The attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc are licensed to practice law before all Nevada sate and federal courts.  We don't judge our clients and we will fight the charges with everything in our power to make sure that your rights are protected.  Our rates are reasonable and the firm is willing to negotiate a payment plan if necessary.  If you are facing criminal charges, contact one of the attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc as soon as possible for a consultation.  You may contact the firm at, (702) 430-4614, (702) 749-5992 or visit You may also visit the firm's page on facebook at!/ConnorConnorPllc

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