Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Missing Las Vegas Prosecutor found at U.S. Mexico border

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, former Las Vegas Prosecutor, David Schubert, has been arrested at the United States-Mexico border as he turned himself in (the full article is available here, Mr. Schubert was a prosecutor with the Clark County District Attorney's office where he worked under former Clark County District Attorney, David Roger, prior to Mr. Roger's resignation.   Mr. Schubert  resigned his position as a prosecutor after he was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and an unregistered firearm in March, 2011.  Mr. Schubert went missing on September 21, 2012 after receiving a 9 month prison sentence in relation to these charges.  

During his time in the District Attorney's office Mr. Schubert gained notoriety for prosecuting high profile celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who he (ironically) had prosecuted for possession of cocaine.  According to the Las Vegas Sun News, Mr. Schubert's law license has been suspended by the Nevada Supreme Court (the article is available here,  While it is distressing to see a fellow attorney suffering from problems with addiction, this situation underscores the fact that these issues occur throughout all levels of our community.  We hope that Mr. Schubert is able to receive treatment and overcome these difficulties  after he has served out his sentence.   

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